Swarnima Jaitly (Academic year 2021-2022)

I had an amazing experience working at Miguel Sánchez López as a Auxiliar (2021-22) . The
school is in a cute little pueblo called Torredelcampo. And what I remember the most was just
how inclusive everyone was at school. I was invited to participate in every event or excursion of
the school. Even the non-bilingual teachers always tried to include cultural exchange amongst
students and I. Moreover, many teachers and most bilingual students have a good level
of English.
Jaén is a beautiful province and isn’t expensive to live in.
I recommend the auxes to choose Jaén, specially the small villages like Torredelcampo. That’s
where the most authentic experience can we lived.

Isabel Wilson (Academic year 2022-2023)

I am Isabel Wilson, the auxiliar de conversación at I.E.S. Miguel Sanchez López for the 2022-2023 school year. I have truly enjoyed my time here and wanted to provide some information that may be useful for the upcoming auxiliar. The institute is in the pueblo of Torredelcampo, which is approximately a 20 minute drive out of Jaén center. I would recommend living in the center. The majority of the time I am driven to and from school by teachers who live nearby in the center! They are very accommodating. It is also great Spanish practice to converse with them during the car rides. Some days I do take the bus, and there is a schedule that they operate off of (it’s always on time). If you get the bus card each trip is around 50 cents.

MSL is a secondary school, so you will be teaching students straight out of primary school, up to the second year bachilleratos. This year, I have been helping in a variety of subjects in different grades: 1st level music and biology, 2nd level art and PE, 3rd level math and biology, 4th level PE and history, and 1st bachillerato philosophy. I have unique experiences in each class, depending on how the teacher works to involve me in the lessons. However, the teachers never ask me to prepare anything outrageous and always give me ample time to do so. They are also very understanding and helpful if I have concerns about something I need to prepare. Some things require more research than others.

Since I only work Monday to Thursday, each day is 2-4 hours of class time, some days with breaks between. The breaks are helpful to get planning done, and sometimes I like to go to a nearby café to work as well. Working in the pueblo has been a really rewarding experience, and I think it’s really cool to be in a small town where everyone knows each other (even just for a few hours each day) and get out of the city center briefly.

I have nothing but good things to say about working here and it is bittersweet to be leaving something so special! The students are super eager to improve and practice their English, which makes working with them a pleasure.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me on whatsapp at 19193026825 or email!